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Induction Week Outdoor Adventurous Activities

School of Sport and Service Management students took part in two days of outdoor adventurous activities (OAA), as part of their University of Brighton induction week programme.

150 students took part and included those studying physical education, sport studies, sport and business management and physical education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

On the first day students were split into their courses to carry out navigational exercises or work through a series of team building and trust games. These are designed to integrate them into university life and allow them the chance to get to know new and potentially, life-long friends.

The students were excellent and in time-honoured tradition, threw themselves, literally in some cases, at the challenges posed to them. This was a great way to kick-start their University course and gave them something positive to discuss over the Freshers period.

On the second day, it was time to stretch their capacity in the outdoors a little further and put their comfort zones to the test. Again, in course groups, students were split into groups of six or seven to embark on a hike over the South Downs.

They were given the task to either walk from the university campus, to the Seven Sisters Country Park, or walk back from there. Once at the centre, the groups would take part in raft building.

They had a given time limit to design and create a raft out of some rope, a few barrels and some wooden poles. The real test was if they could use their current skill set as a team and create something sea-worthy. Once built, the team had to navigate their vessel through a gate and to the far side of the river, to collect a rubber duck. Some were more successful than others!

Despite the inconsistent weather, the teams enjoyed both the walking activities and the raft building and for many, this was a first-time experience, which is sure to be long-lasting in the memories from education.

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Kerry Burnett • October 10, 2017

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