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Sport and Tourism Experts Talks Change

Student Grace Butcher writes about a recent guest lecture:

pt-2Pete Tyler, Managing Director of Neilson Active Holidays, visited University of Brighton third year Sport Business Management students to discuss strategic change in relation to the sport and tourism industry.

Pete has over 25 years of experience in the travel industry and in that time, he has helped Neilson grow and created opportunities within the company. He has had a lot of experience of change as Neilson has had to adapt to the market over the years so was the ideal person to discuss strategic change.

Pete brought various examples from within Neilson of change to give us a clearer idea of the type of ideas that could be relevant to organisations. He also highlighted a few external factors that are currently affecting sport and tourism businesses or will in the future. One of these factors was Brexit which resulted in a classroom discussion of the implications of Brexit on the sport and tourism industry.

He gave a lot of advice on what is needed to ensure an idea is implemented and included statistics and references – a valuable skill needed in the workplace. Pete also suggested that highlighting the financial implications of the idea is advisable as this is what directors will look at when deciding on change.

Pete Tyler commented on his visit: “It was nice to meet with the students and get some direct feedback from their academic studies.”

He also shared some advice: “It is important that students undertake work placements so they can share the latest thinking and research techniques with businesses. Sport and travel are fast-moving markets and needs to be customer focused so they match its offering to customers’ changing needs.

“Advance research and planning is key to being ahead of the curve in product development, and a marriage of desktop research and “seat of the pants” experience is key in implementing well-grounded innovations in industry.”

As I had my placement with Neilson the visit was beneficial as Pete gave me numerous ideas for what I would want to suggest as Neilson’s strategic change. This will benefit me when preparing for the assessment for the strategic change module.

I would personally like to thank Pete for visiting and giving myself and my cohort advice in a very informative talk.

Kerry Burnett • December 1, 2016

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