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Trainee PE and Dance Teachers join in Team Building Exercises

PGCE and School Direct PE and Dance trainee teachers came together at the start of their teacher training course and took part in a series of team building exercises designed to develop group dynamics and working relationships.

A series of ice-breaking activities were followed by problem solving and decision making exercises in small groups. Students then took part in a number of larger group activities designed to promote trust and responsibility.

PGCE and School Direct Route Leader, Dr Gary Stidder said: “Activities such as these are invaluable when it comes to the promotion of team work.

“It give students the confidence to work collectively and ultimately understand the value of working effectively as a group. They come away from these sessions with a real awareness and understanding of what the letters in the word T.E.A.M stand for – Together, Everyone, Achieves, More.”


Kerry Burnett • September 9, 2015

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