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Retail Trends Exhibition

As part of their final year assessment retail students held a ‘Retail Trends’ exhibition which was attended by members of the public and the university.

Each stand focussed on a different key trend which included the growth of the counterfeit goods market, the use of technology in retail, fast fashion, cause related marketing and the growth of home baking ranges.

Kate, Emily and Becky (pictured left to right) presented a stand that examined the utilisation of social media by small retail business.Retail trends exhibition

Emily said: “The exhibition has been my favourite part of the course so far, I loved how it gave us a chance to show our creative side. It was an exciting and very enjoyable task, and it was refreshing to have a different form of assessment, which we could use to show different skills we have gained over the past three years. Without a doubt the exhibition was the highlight of the course for me!”

Becky said of the exhibition: “The exhibition was a great opportunity to learn and discover new trends within the industry and gave us a chance to specialise in an area which we were interested in. The exhibition used different skills which we have learnt throughout the course, and on placement, and allowed us to showcase these in our own unique way. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and appreciated the different assessment style, building
knowledge and learning through a less traditional method was exciting and

This event is just one of many organised throughout the year to give retail students the opportunity to share their knowledge and put their classroom learning into practice.

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Kerry Burnett • January 1, 2014

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