Continuity and change of Brighton

The appearance of West pier, which used to be a tourist destination and the center of entertainment for many travelers in the past, is clearly different from the current appearance. Now west pier  is just staying without meaning. it might be a  destiny for people not to forget it and history. Brighton’s unchanging characteristics, buildings, and the history of something on the streets are being forgotten. However, as objects “exist”, It is essential to remember.




Third Archive – Brighton: Visit to West Pier (1994) with only afterimage.

Third film is a Brighton: Visit to West Pier (1994) with only afterimage.

Detail 7228 – Screen Archive South East (

This  film shows a tour of the collapsed West Pier. Its visitors take a small boat from the shore to the pier. n.d. The History of Brighton’s West Pier

  • This site is organized with pictures of how West pier has developed  since 1866, what role West pier has played, and how looks like today.
  • Through the pictures and contents, Brighton beach, the other shops, streets and even the character of Brighton are still there. But the symbols, characteristics, and roles of the west pier have disappeared.


Second Archive – Sports Stadium; Opening of the SS Brighton Swimming Pool] (1934).

Second Archive film is a [Sports Stadium; Opening of the SS Brighton Swimming Pool] (1934).

Detail 556 – Screen Archive South East (

In Brighton and Hove page, there are history of SS Brighton,1934-1935

Worthing, G., 1934. Advertisement for the SS Brighton. The british library board.

  • These references are the only remaining pieces of information describing the history of the sports stadium, how much it influenced the Brighton Entertainment market, and how it was established and disappeared.
  • It described how SS Brighton turn the pool into an ice rink with the process of history in 1934 to 1965.

News to announce the opening of the SS Brighton in 1934.

First Archive –  Brighton beach and Activities (1930).

First Archive –  “Brighton beach and Activities (1930)”.

Detail 6214 – Screen Archive South East ([1]







  • In this film, you can see people’s leisure activities and parts of life in Brighton in 1930,  so it is a suitable book to investigate what Brighton is like as a whole.
  • Through the first film, i want to show the personality of Brighton and what kind of city Brighton is.