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January 13, 2014 by Robin Englebright   

Today I swung by the Bloomsberry Room at Senate House UCL for a lunchtime session on Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) by the Centre for Distance Education. MrBill MrBill

The session was titled “Practical considerations of running a MOOC”  and began with a rather pleasant lunch whilst Patricia McKellar gave an overview of their experiences running the MOOC: English Common Law: Structures and Principles through Coursera. The fragrant Pat Lockley *followed up with further details of the process.

Dr Matthew Yee-King talked about his experience creating: Creative Programming for Digital Media and Mobile Apps

The whole session was recorded and well worth chasing up once it’s been added to the CDE website.

A summary report can be found here:

I was quite interested in Matthews feedback as I was a student on the Creative programming course, which looked at using ‘processing’ to build apps. Sadly I was one of the slackers who fell off the course a couple of weeks in duet work pressures. I will be revisiting the course though.

*Pat Lockley may not be fragrant.

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