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#CMALT getting on with it

May 20, 2011 by Robin Englebright   

I had to review my Personal Development Plan yesterday, and realised that I had left things undone, that I had planned to get done a long time ago. One of these things was to complete my CMALT application. []
CMALT (Certified membership of the Association of Learning Technologies) is a peer reviewed professional accreditation scheme, where the candidate has to create a portfolio of evidence to identify how they have effectively used learning technology in:
-Operational areas, including the constraints and benefits of technology, and their deployment,
-Teaching, Learning and Assessment processes, and an understanding of target learners,
-Wider issues such as legislation, policies and standards,
-Communication, in working with others and Human computer interfaces.

I started writing the evidence around understanding target learners, and wanted to use some documents we developed to support BETT awards entrants in creating accessibility statements. Unfortunately, as with many Becta documents it’s now longer available.
To get round this I thought it might be useful to post the document to the blog.
This document outlines some personas, short pen portraits of people who can be used to exemplify the issues some learners might face when using learning technology.

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