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#openhardware ready to run #oerhack

April 8, 2011 by Robin Englebright   

I am a hacker… 

I’ve never been clever enough to hack software properly, that involves a level of mental agility that completely eludes me, not to mention a degree of dedication verging on obsessive.
I proved this to myself conclusively over two days at the DEV CSI and JISC CETIS OER workshop.

The place was full of very clever people working in near silence as 30 brains melded with their on screen code, and they managed to produce some useful stuff, like which provides a course search facility using Google Custom Search.


NO I am a hardware hacker.  
This started in simple ways, like wiring in a video invert switch on my Sinclair ZX80, with enthusiastic rather than competent soldering skills. Eventually it evolved into full scale robot combat.

Anyway, the point is that making things “Open” is something that should be promoted in the world of hardware, as well as the world of OER’s.
Which is why I’m delighted to see a winner to the (Open Source Hardware) OSHW Logo vote.  Around 9000 people voted, and picked “Golden Orb” by Macklin Chaffee as the OSHW Logo v1.0 .
It’s got gears, and looks cool. Licences are on the way.
Go on, open it up, void that warranty, you know you want to.

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