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January 13, 2011 by Robin Englebright   

The main themes at this years BETT seem to be 3D… and desks.

The 3D is not bad, but very much sugar frosting that will get the kids over excited, then make them sick. There seems little sign that the economy is tight, which is a surprise, but I couldn’t help smile at the view afforded from the balcony. The bright bold facades are just flimsy plywood, and the wiring is a writhing rats nest. We all know this is the case, but this year I wondered more about the veracity of the claims being made by the various snake oil vendors. Where will the critical research come from?

That said, many of the people I met are still painfully earnest, and really do believe in their wares, and have a real learner focus…. which is really quite heartening to this old cynic.


The highlight of the show for me was a catalogue of staff support courses offered through the STEM centres.

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