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#BS8878 making the web MORE accessible

December 7, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

One of the comments that struck me from the screen reader review of this site that @ahiggi carried out, was that two similar components on the page showed different behaviour. In the case of the review there were two Audioboo objects.

It would be useful to know if these differences are due to the source of the media or the means by which it was added to Posterous.”

One of the most useful things about posterous, is that posts to the blog really ARE posts. You compose an email, send it to, and it does the rest… There’s also a web interface where posts can be composed, in either a rich text editor (like this post), OR as html. So on posts where you include some embed code, you might want to drop the code into the page where it’s needed.

I thought I’d create a simple post, with a bit of text, an image and maybe an audioboo object and see how the code looks when the posts are generated through a number of different editors.

1: the posterous site web editor

2: a post from Microsoft Outlook 2007 with html enabled

3: a post from Apple Mail with html enabled



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