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@psychemedia Visualising the #jiscel10 twitter hashtag echochamber

November 25, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

If You don’t follow Tony Hirst – @psychemedia on twitter, then you are missing some very accessible links into the world of linked data.
I first saw Tony do a live demo of how to use linked data with yahoo pipes at a CETIS conference, and was completely astounded by how easy he made it all look. In the moment I understood with certainty and surety all that he said, but sadly as time progressed my leaky memory left me struggling to get up to speed.
I follow his blog, and have found it forms part of my personal learning environment.
This recent post on SPARQL is a cracking example of the clarity of the man: 

Today he created a visualisation of the noise being generated around the #jiscel10, I know it’s not Follow Friday, but follow him:
CC attribution: @psychemedia some rights reserved


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