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#jiscel10 – Have a Go- hacker ethos

November 22, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

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It’s my birthday today, whooo hoo..

My mum bought me a subscription to MAKE magazine, which is crammed full of things to do. Things to HAVE a GO at.

It struck me that what’s on show in the “Have a Go” area is eminently Hackable, and fits with the MAKE ethos.

I’ve made a start, by building a test instance of moodle where I installed the MyShowcase block, which in turn spurred me to start hacking an “Xpert attribution” moodle block. This in turn lead me  to dig out my PHP manuals, and find the notes and code snippets from old projects.

These sort of rambles are possible because of the Open licences. Life in a closed world, is life without learning.

My suggestion today is to get hold of some code, hack it, tweak it, love it.






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