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#Becta adopts open government license in advance of its website closure

November 18, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

To ensure the educational community benefits from being able to re-use Becta materials, Becta has now adopted the Open Government licence (OGL).

Becta’s website will close on January 31st 2011. The Becta website will be captured on the National Archives, although some features and functionality will no longer be operable.

We have announced the adoption of the OGL to provide maximum time for all stakeholders and visors to benefit from the non-exclusive nature of the licence.

Making the most of Becta’s materials

We are advising all Becta stakeholders and beneficiaries to take advantage OGL, to search for, access, and download s materials and content from the site before it closes on January 31st 2011.

There are some limitations around certain materials including images and video, but these do not preclude re-use in existing form. Our revised copyright statement provides more detailed guidance on the scope and limitations of Becta’s adoption of the OGL.

Managing “in-bound” links

Organisations linking to resources on the Becta website, need to be aware that re-directs will be applied to the National Archive only between 31st of January 2011 and March 31st 2011. These re-directs will be at site level only. Becta cannot guarantee these re-directs will continue after March 31st 2011. Becta therefore advises all with “in-bound” links to a) download and manage materials locally if possible; b) between January and March, navigate the National Archives website to establish the replacement link. If you have any queries then please  contact , which will be active until the end of January 2011. 

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