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#jiscel10 – Have a Go- MyShowcase Moodle Plugin

November 17, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

I’ve been itching to get my hands on the MyShowcase code, and today I managed to download the moodle block and install it.

The process is a doddle, although in the end I set up a windows XP vm as windows 7 was getting silly about permissions. I really should get round to getting an ubuntu dual boot going… but I digress.

All you have to do is drop the unzipped package into the moodle blocks folder, spark up moodle as admin and set the key.

The Core Application alpha code was released today, and I’m downloading this now with the aim of having an instance running tomorrow. I also hope to spend a bit more time adding stuff to the demo account.

For those of you attending the JISC online conference please  join the discussion about the tool in the Take control of your working life (David Sowden)” Have a Go area.

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