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#jiscel10 JISC -Have a Go- Nintendo tutoring – Countdown 11 days-

November 5, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

One of my favourite powerpoint slides ever was part of a presentation Tim Dumbleton did to a select crowd in the Orange studio in Birmingham.

It said: “NINTENDOGS…. WHY?”

It summed up my feeling toward the mad path that Nintendo seemed to be steering, they just don’t do what you expect, like changing the name of a console from: “revolution” to “wii”. However, the potential to use their inexpensive kit for quite startling learning support shouldn’t be overlooked.


The HANABI project with it’s somewhat tortured acronym (HAndheld-device enhanced learning with Nintendo’s Applications Beyond Institution and country) uses Nintendo DSi hand-held games consoles and its free application ‘Ugoku Memocho’ (Flipnote Studio), and Hatena (Hatena Co. Ltd.)’s ‘Ugomemo Theatre’, to link students on a year abroad in Japan to co-students elsewhere in Japan and their tutors in the UK.

The DSi provides a means of communication, and critically a touch-screen that supports handwriting practice, which is an essential part of mastering non-European languages.

The Have a Go session shows how the handwritten Flipnotes, some of them including recorded speech, can be uploaded and downloaded from the consoles using a WiFi connection, to create interactive distance learning sessions. This includes a pre-recorded interaction demonstrating the tutor / student interaction, including the tutor providing a language task, the student carrying it out and uploading to the Ugomemo website, and the tutor providing feedback on the task.

A DSi console and wifi connection is not essential for this session: participants can view the tasks and uploaded activities and feedback via the Ugomemo website. However, if participants do have access to a DSi they may be able to download and upload their own flipnotes.

The Conference runs from the 23rd – 26th November 2010, and the pre-conference activity and reading week opens on 16th November 2010 and offers a chance to become familiar with the conference environment and try out innovative JISC projects in the ‘have-a-go’ area. 
See you there!

Book online – early registration advisable for full participation in the pre-conference week 
Delegate fee:£50

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