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#jiscel10 -Have a Go- e-portfolios for WBL

October 29, 2010 by Robin Englebright   

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My old Friend Stuart Jones told me e-portfolios were for PRATs

Publishing information about yourself to selected audiences.

Reflecting on your practice and performance.

Assessment by aggregating and coordinating evidence.

Transition, allowing you to take your evidence and thoughts with you.

I’d built a basic e-portfolio system whilst at college, but the real stumbling block had always been getting accurate performance criteria into the system without months of typing.

Later at  Becta I was involved with the creation of a usage model for e-portfolios to support apprenticeships, which were all the rage with the Government of the time.

Having taught , assessed and verified the NVQ and keyskills components of the frameworks I was very keen that the benefits of e-portfolios be spread to an area operating on very tight timelines and wafer thin margins. Some useful outputs were created, and are available from the Becta site till March 2011.
I’ve also tried to attach the doc to see how posterous handles such a big document.
I have more documents and will dig them out for a future posting.

The University of Wolverhampton have used e-portfolios in taught programmes and to support learners on work placements. Their use is at the other end of the e-portfolio continuum focussing on Reflective capabilities. Their interactive demonstration in the Online Conference Have a Go area will explain the key aspects of the pedagogy that underpins their initiative through a narrated Captivate video and an accessible demonstration webfolio.

The Conference runs from the 23rd – 26th November 2010, BUT the pre-conference activity and reading week opens on 16th November 2010 and offers a chance to become familiar with the conference environment and try out innovative JISC projects in the ‘have-a-go’ area. 
See you there!

Book online – early registration advisable for full participation in the pre-conference week 
Delegate fee:£50


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  1. maximise says:

    Hi, Rob,Looks very interesting but I would rather have a .pdf version that I can highlight, annotate or even edit. – Any reason for not allowing ‘download’ or have I missed something?

  2. Robin Englebright says:

    Hi Ray, the download link is below the “Scribd” viewer panel, where it says “download”, or from the link to the Becta site in the text.

  3. maximise says:

    Thanks, Rob, don’t know how I missed it!<o:p></o:p> By the way If you have links to any other ePortfolio work that I may archive, please let me know!<o:p></o:p> Becta might be closing down but I have no intentions of closing eFolio for the UK and Europe!<o:p></o:p> BW<o:p></o:p> Ray Tolley  FEIDCT, NAACE Fellow, ACQI, MBILD<o:p></o:p> ICT Education Consultant<o:p></o:p> Maximise ICT Ltd<o:p></o:p> P:<o:p></o:p&gt; B:<o:p></o:p&gt; W:<o:p></o:p&gt;  I: <o:p></o:p> S:<o:p></o:p&gt; T:<o:p></o:p&gt; Winner of the IMS ‘Leadership Regional Award 2009′<o:p></o:p> From:

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