Places and Faces: pre and post conference visits

Young people in classroom setting taking part in resilience developing activitiesOur exciting programme of ‘Places and Faces’ visits will showcase a range of examples of how the research and evidence underpinning the world’s first Resilience Revolution is being put into practice across Blackpool. The visits will provide delegates with an opportunity to meet young people, parents, carers and practitioners who are co-leading the Resilience Revolution, as well as giving delegates a flavour of what our vibrant town has to offer visitors. We look forward to welcoming you!

  • Visits to local schools where they have firmly embedded the Resilience Framework
  • A walking tour of our Resilience Pathway where resilient moves have been installed into the fabric of our town
  • Head to the Resilience Revolution Headquarters to see resilience revolutionaries hard at work, including some of our co-production groups
  • Visit Blackpool Carers Centre to see how they’ve embedded resilience into their work with young carers
  • A visit hosted by Youth Ambassadors from a range of mental health initiatives
  • Visit @TheGrange, a new space which has become a hub and focus for the community
  • Join us for an evening tour of some of the historic sites of Blackpool, tales of Blackpool through the ages on a resilience theme, with perhaps a ghost or two thrown in…


Details of Places and Faces visits (dates, times and meeting points to be confirmed)

Applying ‘whole school’ approaches to create resilient schools – Highfurlong School and Aspire Academy

Pupils from Highfurlong School opening their enterprise shop by cutting the ribbon
Young people from Highfurlong School opening their enterprise shop in October 2019.

Highfurlong School is a co-educational community special school, providing education for pupils aged 2-19 years old with a wide range of special educational needs. These include physical disabilities; profound and multiple learning difficulties (including multi-sensory impairment and visual/hearing impairment); speech, language and communication difficulties; moderate learning difficulties and autistic spectrum conditions. Highfurlong is an amazing school who have applied the Academic Resilience Approach across the entire school system to ensure resilience is centre stage. They have also co-produced a unique enterprise project that, with investment from the Resilience Revolution Innovation Fund, has recently launched a shop to sell resilience themed products.

Blackpool Aspire Academy is a vibrant, exciting and inspirational secondary school. Their expectations for students are very high and they have a sharp focus on positive relationships and respect. They have applied the Academic Resilience Approach and embedded the Resilience Framework (Hart, Blincow & Thomas, 2007) across the school with pupils, parents and staff. Their anti-bullying work is exceptional, and was mentioned as positive in their Ofsted report in November 2018.

This visit, available during both the pre and post conference period, will include time at both schools, and offer delegates an opportunity to speak with pupils and staff about how schools in Blackpool are working hard to ensure they are more resilient places to be, and part of the Resilience Revolution whole town approach.

Find out more about the Academic Resilience Approach.

Creating a resilient school environment – Revoe Learning Academy resilience tour

Revoe Learning Academy (Revoe) is a primary school in Blackpool that provides and promotes a happy, safe and high achieving learning community where everyone is valued. Revoe really have embraced the Resilience Revolution and in particular have thought about how the school environment can contribute to developing resilience amongst pupils and the whole school community.

This visit, available during both the pre and post conference period, will provide delegates with a tour of the school environment, highlighting how they have used their Resilience Revolution Innovation Funding to create brave and innovative spaces. Delegates will see how schools can see beyond just the resilience of individual pupils, and look at making the school environment and systems more resilient.

The world’s first Resilience Pathway

Five people's feed stood around a flagstone of the Resilience Pathway, which says "Lean on others when necessary"Eyes down and feet forward for a walking tour of the world’s first Resilience Pathway! Thanks to some creative thinking, and some determined fundraising, Blackpool has a Resilience Pathway where resilient moves, from the Resilience Framework (Hart, Blincow & Thomas, 2007), have been installed into the fabric of the town – literally! Take a step on a resilient move as you hear the story of how this amazing instillation was brought to life. Along the way you will also see a few of Blackpool’s interesting features and landmarks, ending up at the world-famous Blackpool Tower.

This visit will demonstrate to delegates how a small, determined and tenacious team lead by young people have been able to support a whole town approach by embedding Resilient Moves within the infrastructure of the community.

Find out more about the Resilience Pathway.

Resilience Revolution HQ

~18 members of HeadStart Blackpool stood outside the headquarters buildingEvery revolution needs a dedicated and committed group of individuals striving for change. The vanguard of the Resilience Revolution can often be found at Whitegate Manor, Resilience Revolution Headquarters, affectionately referred to as “The Manor”. Join us for a tour of the building and to see some of our co-production groups with young people, parents and carers in action. Join the digital group and create a short film about your visit, make your very own “Friend for Conference” with the Friend for Life team, and see what the Resilience Coaches get up to in their work with young people.

This visit, available during the pre-conference period, will provide delegates with practical, hands on ideas and a whole lot of inspiration from right across the Resilience Revolution!

Resiliently Caring! with Blackpool Carers Centre

Young carers looking at the Resilience Framework and resourcesBlackpool Carers Centre is an independent, local charity providing a range of services to support and enhance the lives of unpaid carers of all ages throughout Blackpool. Research from the UK shows that up to 1 in 5 school age children provide care to a loved one and many other carers juggle work and other commitments along with their caring role. Most don’t think of themselves as carers, nor realise the range of services available to help them. Blackpool Carers Centre provides emotional and practical support for Adult Carers, Young Adult Carers (aged 16-25) and Young Carers from the age of 5, including additional support from specialist teams working with the whole family.

This visit, available during both the pre and post conference period, will showcase how Blackpool Carers Centre have embedded the Resilience Framework (Hart, Blincow & Thomas, 2007) across a range of their direct support services, within assessment packs, through resilience training for carers of all ages, and as part of staff supervision arrangements to ensure Practitioner Resilience is also taken in to account. Come and visit their amazing Centre (which was renovated as part of the BBC series DIY SOS in 2016) and see how Resilient Therapy is part of supporting carers. This visit will provide delegates with an opportunity to develop understanding of how a small local organisation can do so much to build resilience.

Find out more about the Blackpool Carers Centre.

Uniting resilience and mental health support

The Resilience Revolution is a whole town approach to addressing the mental health needs of young people in Blackpool. This includes colleagues and collaborators within the local mental health service, often known as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services or CAMHS for short.

This visit, available during the pre-conference period, will be hosted by Youth Ambassadors from a range of mental health initiatives including Entwined Minds (patient participation group), Youth Team (for example Walk and Talk Counselling), and Youtherapy (therapy and drop-in support for young people offered in community settings). Delegates will meet young people, parents and staff from these groups, and hear how service transformation plans are being co-produced.

Building resilient communities – a community development approach in action with @theGrange

Wooden welcome sign @thegrange@theGrange is a new community hub in Blackpool, based in one of the largest social housing estates in England, known as Grange Park. Until recently, it was a training centre which bore no relevance to the local community, but over an 18 month period, the centre has become the hub and focus for the community with many events, activities and workshops taking place. The impact has been transformational for the community, with the statistics speaking for themselves: over 340 volunteers, 10,480 participants, 92 activities (some weekly) resulting in a 33% reduction in Anti-Social Behavior (ASB), a 61% reduction in deliberate fires, and 623 adult learners accessing courses. @theGrange houses a community shop, meeting rooms, library, a theatre space and the Blackpool Community Farm which is run by Groundwork’s Grow Blackpool team.

This visit, available during both the pre and post conference period, will show delegates first-hand how a community have transformed a once unwelcoming space, into something quite special that fosters a sense of belonging and community spirit. @theGrange is also the community partner for our conference sustainability strategy, who will use your carbon off-setting donations to establish an orchard.

Embedding resilience in a Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) setting with Blackpool and The Fylde College

In 2018, Blackpool and The Fylde College (B&FC) celebrated serving the Fylde coast for 125 years and is today renowned as one of the UK’s leading colleges. Currently, around 16,000 students annually choose to study at B&FC, offering a range of employment focused qualifications, degree programmes and community courses. B&FC is located in the heart of Blackpool including a University Centre which, through a long-standing partnership, is able to offer degree coursed awarded by Lancaster University. B&FC are collaborators in the Resilience Revolution, through both creating a whole-college learning environment that promotes resilience building, and also by embedding resilience approaches in curriculum content for the future teachers and practitioners destined to work with Blackpool’s young people.

This visit, available during the pre-conference period, will introduce delegates to B&FC’s mental health, mental wealth, wellbeing and resilience provision, and will illustrate the importance that is placed on this area through leadership and strategic and operational management. It will also share examples of how Resilient Therapy has been embedded into teaching and learning, as well as assessment tasks with students.

Blackpool Ghost Walk – spookily resilient!

Join the Victorian Ghost Hunter, author of Haunted Blackpool and founder of Supernatural Events, Stephen Mercer on a Blackpool Ghost Walk. Guaranteed to leave you feeling spooked. You will need to dig deep and make that resilient move of being brave as he guides you to some of Blackpool’s most famous, and most haunted, locations. You will hear stories of his dearly departed friends, the spectres, the phantoms and the ghosts. All with a resilience theme! Are you brave enough?

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