The green economy

The green economy focuses on building a resilient economy while improving human wellbeing, social equity and significantly reducing environmental risks. Key concerns are stimulating economic growth, campaigning for fair work and tackling poverty at the same time as developing sustainable cities and communities and promoting responsible consumption and production.

“We promote the transition to economies that are low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive,” United Nations Environment Programme, 2011.

The University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform‘s work is closely aligned with our Responsible Futures theme. The Green Growth Platform provides green businesses with the support they need to take them to the next level. Industry experts, business advisors and university specialists come together to offer members a unique package of business support, grants and finance advice, innovation and skills development, events and connections. Organisations offering green or low carbon products or services and those wishing to reduce their environmental impact can join and benefit from advice and support. Visit our Green Growth Platform section to find out more.

Through Responsible Futures, we focus on how we can work with our partners to sustain and advance economic, environmental and social wellbeing, for example:


We consider and consult on how local and international economies can grow responsibly. For instance, with support from Responsible Futures, the Green Growth Platform recently organised the Wish you were here event, attracting over 50 local tourism and hospitality businesses interested in exploring green tourism and the latest consumer trends in the sector. Read more about the event, speakers and topics.


We work with researchers to create research capacity within the University, work with external collaborators and tackle pressing environmental challenges. We are keen to build on the work of Professor Andrew Church who led a team of 38 researchers from 13 different countries to produce research assessing the state of the natural environment in Europe and Asia.

Four assessments were presented by expert teams to representatives of 127 governments at the plenary session of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), in Medellin, Colombia. Scrutinised and then approved by governments, the assessments will provide vital information for setting global biodiversity targets for the period after 2020. Read more about this event and the research.

Social wellbeing

Responsible Futures aims to foster research leading to improvements in people’s day-to-day lives. We address health, social and ecological inequalities throughout the world. The research of the University of Brighton’s Centre of Resilience for Social Justice is closely aligned with our Responsible Futures theme and reflects our joint aspirations for work across disciplinary boundaries in partnership with external organisations, including practitioners and community groups. Read more about their co-productive project on Resilience among young people in a community affected by drought.

Find out more about our Responsible Futures initiatives.



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