Sustainability Symposium

Sustainability Symposium – 27 April 2018 – University of Brighton

Presentation at the Sustainability Symposium

Organised by the School of Health Sciences, this annual sustainability symposium was jointly sponsored by Responsible Futures, Healthy Futures, Low Carbon Europe and SWR Waste Management. The symposium attracted external speakers, staff and students from the University of Brighton, the local health and social care sector, as well as attendees from across the country and overseas.

Oral presentations, posters and table displays offered information about current research and practices related to sustainable health and healthcare and exploration of topics including:

  • Reducing emissions from anaesthetic gases
  • Turning the intensive care unit green
  • Emotional impact of environmental and sustainability engagement
  • Opportunities and challenges to the sustainability of social prescribing in England
  • Incorporating sustainability into medical education

Vice-Chancellor Debra Humphris provided the closing address highlighting sustainability as one of the core values in Practical Wisdom (University of Brighton Strategy 2016-2021).

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