Claudia Kappenberg & Emma Stibbon : Inviting Participation for a SAM Symposium at Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

This online seminar will outline a curatorial idea for a symposium at the Towner Gallery, which will take place alongside Emma Stibbon’s Solo Show Melting Ice / Rising Tides in May/June 2024. Following on from the staff away day earlier this year, Emma Stibbon and Claudia Kappenberg have been meeting with Towner Curator Sara Cooper to develop a programme for a symposium that will build on to the themes proposed by Emma’s show. They include: women in/ with landscape, sensorial engagements with landscape, climate crisis, Polar landscape and related local challenges, erosion in particular with regards to coastal landscapes and rising sea levels, the histories and traditions of landscape art, and framing the experience of landscape. Following the seminar, staff will be invited to submit a proposal for a talk, presentation or screening. The exact date of the symposium as well as funding from SAM are still to be confirmed.

Date: Monday 13th November
Time: 15:00–16:30
Who can attend: All
MS Team MS Team join code: 8la4jsa

Recording of this event: Towner symposium-20231113_150558-Meeting Recording.mp4

Image of Towner © Marc Atkins

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