Kate Jessop : The Brighton International Animation Festival presents – The Female Gaze 

In second wave feminism Laura Mulvey presented the concept of The Male Gaze. This programme subverts this and presents a selection of films either presenting the female experience or the world through the eyes of a female director. Including documentary, comedy and experimental works from countries including Azikaktzhan, Russia, Germany and UK. The Brighton International Animation Festival is an annual cultural event every April encompassing animation knowledge exchange through screenings, workshops and presentations.


  • The Enigma of Faina, Dir. Durna Safarova 4:54 (Azerbaijan)
  • The Witch & the Baby, Dir. Evgenia Golubeva 4:45 (Russia)
  • The Many Faces of Ava, Dir. Izabela Barszcz 9:57 (UK)
  • I Was Attacked, Dir. Sara F Massieu 3:41 (UK)
  • Sauna, Dir. Anna Lena Spring 4:19 (Switzerland)
  • Homebird, Dir. Ewa Smyk 9:55 (UK)
  • Skeleton of a Moth, Dir. Emma Smith 8:14 (UK)
  • Crafty Witch, Dir. Laura-beth Cowley 1:00 (UK)
  • Holes, Dir. Birgitta Hosea 5:00 (UK)
  • Roots, Dir. Steph Anjo 4:19 (UK)
  • Living In A Bubble, Dir. Natalie MacMahon 7:43 (Germany)

65 min

Date: Tuesday 14th November 2023
Time: 15:00–16:30
Who can attend: Staff and students
Where: Grand Parade, Sallis Benney theatre 

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