Gavin Ambrose & John Vernon Lord : Doodling, Sketching, Drawing, and Illustrating

‘Random Notes about Doodling, Sketching, Drawing and Illustrating’ represents 66 years of some of Lord’s drawings and notes carried out from his student days to the present (1957-2022). They are mostly informal works that were carried out as a way of exploring and discovering. The apparent precision of many of the drawings belies the actual spontaneity of making them. They vary from depicting something observed to subjects that lurk inside his imagination. Drawing is one of the sharpest ways of keeping within the present.

This talk explores the history of Lord’s work and the process of making a book.

John Vernon Lord is an illustrator that taught at the University of Brighton for 38 years and has been giving lectures there for 62 years!

Date: Tuesday 14th November
Time: 10:00–11:00
Who can attend: All
Where: Grand Parade, M2

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