Charlotte Gould : Augmenting Reality for Climate Change: Drawing the Future

This is a presentation, including questions and answers that features Chthulucene Hekateris. Dance the Chthulucene Hekateris with 3D modelled avatars, augmented in physical environment, to raise awareness of climate change, in order to make a difference. Chthulucene Hekateris is a practice-based extended reality project using drawing as a research method to imagine the distant future, impacted by the Chthulucene, identified by Donna Haraway as an era following the Anthropocene where collaboration between species becomes essential for survival (Haraway 2016). Rosi Braidotti proposes that as posthumans we are relational beings, a fusion of organic and technological, human and otherwise, in a process of becoming (Braidotti 2019). This practice-based research project imagines the beings that will evolve, as avatars dancing the Hekateris. Using digital and traditional drawing methods to investigate, explore and imagine our future, this aligns with Terry Rosenberg premise that drawing is a speculative practice to imagine the unknown and unknowable (Rosenberg T. 2008: 79).

Charlotte Gould

Date: Tuesday 14th November
Time: 11:00–11:30
Who can attend: All 
Where: Grand Parade, M2




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