Gavin Ambrose : The ‘Lost’ Books of Carson, Hardie and Wood – where Graphic Design history disappears

This presentation discusses a missing history of Graphic Design through the ‘lost’ books of David Carson, Prof. George Hardie and Graham Wood. These ‘lost’ books were started by the authors/designers with the intention of being published, but for various reasons were lost. Forgot in time for nearly two decades, these publications are now complete and in the public domain, retaking their place in a history of Graphic Design – a history that is often poorly documented and frequently misrepresented.

Specifically referencing the works of David Carson, the most searched for graphic designer on Google (The Rules of Grafik Design + Creativity) 2003, George Hardie, Educator, illustrator and designer (Manual) 2004 and Graham Wood, founding member of Tomato (Into The Stretching Target Again) 2005. This presentation offers a reframing of these original artifacts.

Key themes include design games, process and use of language and text in book form including concrete poetry.

This will be a 40 minutes presentation, with 20 minutes for Q&A

Date:  Wednesday 15th November
Time: 14:30–15:30
Who can attend: All
Where: Grand Parade, Studio 150

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