Reduction of pollution by endocrine disrupting compounds at source

Stage #0 doesn’t mean zero!

First month, exciting! As February marks the start of my life as a Research Fellow, there are a lot of administrative tasks that need to be dealt with, related to the post. After induction at the beginning of this month, I am getting underway with the implementation of the project.

This February, the project is entering the preparation step of the implementation plan (I call it Stage #0). Several things, mainly administrative documentation mandatory for the implementation are being prepared.

We are finalising the experimental design of the project and liaising with suppliers and the procurement team for the logistical supplies, as well as other permits. We also have identified several end points that we hope to achieve in the project, and we are consulting the other project members regarding the possibility of achieving them.
To start the project as soon as possible during these COVID-19 restrictions, a request to return to campus has been submitted and is awaiting approval.
We are also finalising the ethics application for the RedPol project in UoB to be submitted in early March.

So, like the title.. Stage #0 does not mean zero 😉

Till the next update!

Wulan Koagouw • February 28, 2021

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