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Meet the New Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Wulan Koagouw is a researcher at the Research Center for Oceanography (LIPI), focusing on marine biology. She completed her Master of Research (MRes) in Bioscience at the University of Brighton through the Chevening Scholarship, the UK government’s international award funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). She then pursued a doctoral degree at the University of Brighton, under the supervision of Dr. Ciocan, with a scholarship from the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia through the RisetPro award. Her PhD project, “Human Pharmaceuticals in the Marine Environment: Evidence of occurrence, direct impact and potential ecotoxicological effects on blue mussels, Mytilus edulis, has taken her to many parts of the world to promote the project and disseminate the results. The study identified, for the first time, paracetamol in Indonesian coastal waters (Jakarta Bay), and explored the ecotoxicological effects of several pharmaceuticals on blue mussels (M. edulis).

During her time at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences, the government authority for science and research in Indonesia, she has been involved in several international collaborative projects in marine monitoring and protection. As of February 2021, Dr. Koagouw has joined the REDPOL team, starting a new role as a Research Fellow.

The REDPOL project aims to design and produce biotests, integrating technological innovations involving physical and biochemical measurements for biological activities into a perfectly described procedure as required for the international adoption of regulatory tests. This purpose is what makes it a magnet for me. It’s always great to know that we are working for something impactful. The consortium consists of highly skilled people, and it is an honour and a great opportunity to work with such experts in this research area. I’m looking forward to collaborating on this project…

Wulan Koagouw • February 16, 2021

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