Sketchbook Week

This week, students explored the use of sketchbooks by holding drawing workshops. It also gave us an opportunity to look at the sketchbooks from Hannah Berry, Alexis Deacon, Nina Fuga, and Jeremy Radvan.

I really like the part of the drawing workshop, it provides us a chance to observe things, and focus on details. I’ve worked with El, and we prepared a set for us to do collaborative drawings. We drew across each other’s arms and produced one big piece.

Students also separated into groups and posed to each other, we have 5 minutes to quickly finish a drawing. I feel it was quite challenging for me because I usually take a lot of time thinking before I draw. I took this chance to draw and observe at the same time, focused on the body figure and drapery. Although some unwanted lines have been created in a limited time, I still like the results and enjoy the progress.

I’ve learned a lot by looking through professors’ sketchbooks. It is important to work with something that you feel comfortable with, no matter the size of the sketchbook or materials. It would be useful to pay attention to your surroundings, and take time to do observational drawings. Taking risks, and making mistakes are necessary and growth. Below I’ve attached pictures of my notes.


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