Rap and Rhyme Project

In this project, students are asked to create an animation based on a child rap. I work with Oliwia, and we chose the poem Being Huskies, done by Leah.

Final Cut


I want to make this animation playful, colorful, and childish, and I’ve been inspired by 3 artists: Manon Gauthier, Carla Soheim, and Clare Youngs.

Their colorful textured collage inspired me a lot, so I started to create some textured paper by using mixed materials and brushes. Below is the photograph of my papers. A lot of cold colors were used because the poem gave me a feeling of winter, fur, woods, and fire.


Character Design

I want to design 2 characters, they are a little girl and a husky. I firstly limited my color palette and did some quick sketches of ideas. Below are the photos of my sketchbook.

Besides the textured papers that have been created, I’ve also collected some paper materials from Magazines, books, and packages. Oliwia was in charge of the background, while I focused more on the characters. Following my character designs, I cut the shape out and started making some simple collages. Here are some photographs of our process and collages.


After finishing the character designs, I start making the storyboard of the animation. Each scene was designed based on the poem, and I tried to make it narrative.


We scan our collages and put them into photoshop. We separate the scenes and did short pieces of animation, eventually we combine every piece of animation together. Below are 2 of my short animations.

We combined our short animations through Adobe Premiere Pro, and we soon found a problem: the width and length of our animations are different because I am using a tablet and Oliwia is using the laptop. However, we fix that by adjusting the size of the animations.



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