Visual Diary

In this project, I was asked to keep a visual archive that run throughout the semester. My visual diary reflects things happening around me, they are a representation of my preference and personal life. I started by drawing on a sketchbook, later I changed to creating digital works. These works were done around 20 minutes.


In this long project, I’ve discovered a lot of possibilities for a quick daily drawing. Now I really enjoy drawing on the iPad, it becomes a necessary item in my life. The part I like the most is to use random brushes in procreated and experiment with different textures.┬áThe project has finished, however, the visual diary becomes a part of my daily life naturally. I enjoy spending 20 minutes or more, documenting an interesting object, a beautiful landscape, or anything that I like. When looking at the images that I’ve produced, I also see the journey of exploring and growing.


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