Project 2: Making the Invisible Visible


In this Artivive project, I was required to create 4 sequential animations, turning the trigger images into 2D work, then, using the app ‘Artivive’ to activate the animations. I decided to create them based on the same text ‘The Turnip’.

Idea Generation:

  • 10-second Animation
  • Creating animal characters
  • Happy and interesting sound effects
  • Trigger image – stickers/package/ box


Below is my note from the class. I really like the concept of boil-drawing, and I think it would match the animal characters well.  Instead of making the most of the scene still, I want to make everything fluent and simple, so I would draw every frame.



Below is an animation named Kakania, done by Karen Aqua. I love all the surprising transformations. I’ve attached some inspiring images from the animation, they are showing that a human transforms into sticks, squares, and origami.



I also discovered the work of ShiShi Yamazaki, her work is extremely energetic and cheerful. The work has been a huge influence on my work. I love the use of boil, it looks alive and breathing.

Below are some images from the animation, the transformations are really inspiring and had an immense influence on me. This is something that I am really interested to do in my animations.


In the class, I’ve discovered panoramics. My favourite one is Lisboa from artist Joao Fazenda. El, Oliwia, Rachel, and I worked in a group and had done a series of myriorama in class, below are the photo of my cards. Our cards were done in a really short time, and we decorate them with the things we love, creating some fantasy scenes.


I have posted my four rough storyboards. This is my first time making animation, so I want it to match my interest in drawing. Besides transformations, I made the animations go in a loop.


Mood board 1
Mood board 1
Mood board 2
Mood board 2
Mood board 3
Mood board 3
Mood board 4
Mood board 4


Below is the sample of trying boil-drawing, please click to view.

Sample 1

I exchanged ideas with my peers, gaining suggestions and feedbacks from professors. Classroom 204 is the place where I spent time deep thinking, it gave me time to link up all the ideas. For example, ‘The Orange Cat’ is the animation that I finished in school. Here is the speed painting of it:


Exploring media and platform:

At the beginning of the week, I faced some technical issues with using Adobe Premiere. After that, I quickly changed to iPad and started discovering Procreate and iMovie. Besides those platforms, I also gathered the sound effects from this websites:

The outcome of 4 animations

I have posted my 4 animations on youtube, below are the links.


Tigger Image and 2D Work:

In order to maintain the loop and hide the surprise, I use the first frame as the trigger image. Artivive states that high contrast, detailed, clear images would give the best performances. I realized that the trigger image of the orange was not working, so I’ve changed the orange image into another image from the animation. The images of them are posted below.


I have thought about the possibilities of printing the trigger images on a t-shirt, postcard, or water bottle. However, I feel it could be printed as waterproof stickers, and they could stick everywhere. I ordered the stickers online. Below I’ve posted the photos of putting stickers on different objects.


Final Recording:

I aimed to create a vlog-style video, like daily grocery shopping. In order to achieve the style, I prepare a paper bag.


Making animations is a new and fresh experience for me. I love the results of the 4 animations that have been created. If I have more time, I want to create an animation with a complex trigger image and discover more possibilities of making it into different goods, such as booklets and cards. The project alone shows me that moving images is an important part of a story, giving me the concepts to understand and discover further reading at the same time. It was an important lesson, simulating my curiosity and interest in animation making. Artivive is a magic platform that builds a communication of image and animation, enriching the experience by providing audiences a reality show. I would love to do more and develop more of animation in the future!


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