Project 6 Explain the Unexplained

In this green-screen collaborative project, I am working in Group J, we finally come up with the video “The Fine Big Sausage’.

Final cut in color:

Final cut in black and white:


Idea Generation:

  • Creating peppers and backgrounds
  • A silent movie, using speech bubbles to communicate.
  • Happy and funny background music


At the beginning of the week, we were facing some issues from email communication and unfortunately, I missed the first meeting.

After that, we held weekly meetings on Teams to discuss our progress and ideas.

My Contributes:

As missing from the first meeting, the left jobs for me is to raising ideas, supporting suggestions for my group members.

Here are some of my sketches of storyboard.

Story board



It is pretty hard to collaborate online as group members can’t meet in the school. However, we tried our best to exchange opinions weekly. In the last meeting, we held a final run before filming. Jason met some technical problems but we really couldn’t help much. I believe it would be effective and better if we could meet face to face.

As an international student, it was a little bit struggle for me to communicate. Sometimes, it is hard to let everyone understand my ideas, but thanks to Jason who is always friendly to listen.

This is my first time doing filming and knowing how the green screen works, I really like the final video.

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