Project 8: Creating A Final Piece

At this stage, I would like to enhance what I’ve learned in this holiday and create a final piece.

I decided to create a black-and-white woman portrait, as I am not confident at color theory.

I gonna do it by digital drawing so that I can make my life easier.

This is the reference photo I found on Pinterest. I chose it because I could see a clear shadow and highlight on her face. The only complex feature for me is her curly hair.


Here is my first rough sketch, done by photoshop. I want to make her pop out from a dark background, and probably add a moon next to her ear.

After I finish the character, I add a really dark background, and It looks odd.

So I gradient it to a lighter grey, so it looks like the bottom circle is glowing.

Nearly to be finished, but I feel the color is too plain…so I opened the “curves”, see if I can add some colors and make it look more beautiful. Here is the final result.

Comparing this to my ‘Comfortable’ artwork, this definitely looks better and looks more ‘Human’!

I am happy about the final result!

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