Project 3: Idea and Inspiration

For project 3, I chose the topic ‘Tea’. After thinking, I would like to add Chinese elements to my poster. Besides, a Chinese poem about tea would riches the poster.


This is a photo of my friend Qing, who is wearing a Chinese traditional dress, and I believe this is a perfect picture for my poster. 

I like the dark green color which makes the photograph pops out.  This recalls me of an Italian artist, Leonetto Cappiello, who uses a dark background to make his character pop out.


For context, I would like to quote a poem from a Chinese female poet, Li Ch’ing-Chao. The title of the poem is “I Chein Mei” which means a branch of plum blossom.


Here is the poem.


Key: I Chien Mei

Li Ch’ing-Chao


Lotus flowers fade as fall is felt on the bamboo mat.

Gently take off the silk coat;

Lonesomely embarking the orchid boat.


Who’s to send me love letters from the cloud or mist?

When it’s time that one person returnest,

Full moon shall fill my chamber with joy amidst.


Let the flowers wither and water by itself drift,

For love, there is only one sort,

But sorrow has made two places its resort.


’Tis all in vain trying to dispel this sentiment:

No sooner was it loosened from the brows,

Than up to my heart a new one grows.

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