Radical Uncertainty – Response Jordan Whitewood-Neal

 Jordan Whitewood-Neal

In response to the Radical Uncertainty Webinar, Jordan created the images A Speculative Learning Space, Present Bodies Future Spaces, and The Lecturer 2021. Please see Jordan’s written response below the images.

A Speculative Learning Space


Present Bodies Future Spaces


The Lecturer 2021


Amongst the many and varied intersections discussed during the symposium, one question resonated most with my own research and take away from the discussion – that being: Can the everyday be radical?

My research is focused on the history, theory, and future of disability in architectural education, with a particular focus on domesticity a both a theoretical context, and methodology for critiquing educational spaces. The domestic encapsulates the everyday from washing, bathing, and now even learning. So, in response to this I began sketching self-portraits within academic settings, inspired by the work of Raquel Meseguer, Francis Bacon, and even Marc Quinn’s Alison Lapper Pregnant statue.

These drawings are very much at the start of what I now see as an ongoing practice of drawing, reflection, and speculation as to how disabled bodies can alternatively inhabit spaces that often embody exclusivity. These not only explore inhabitation but the roles we take on within educational institutions: students, lecturers – and we can begin to question who is missing from university, and finally what impact is this having on praxis and the built environment.

 Jordan Whitewood-Neal

Jordan is an architectural researcher, designer and artist currently completing an MRes at University of Brighton, exploring disability and education in relation to the domestic scale of the Architectural Association. He has presented his research at Glasgow School of Art, University of Sheffield, and the London Festival of Architecture. 

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Jordans LFA Lecture

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