What is the Radical Methodologies Research and Enterprise Group RaMREG ?

The Radical Methodologies (RaM) Research and Enterprise Group provides a site to explore, critique and discuss the roots of methodology and methodological assumptions (hence radical – from the Latin radix, or root).

Methodology can be interpreted, understood and attended to in many ways, for various purposes. We are committed to the understanding that the world needs radical change; and that to create genuine change, we must explore new ways of working and question established practices.

RaM facilitates dialogue about methodology, examining counter-conventional approaches to research, practice and education across diverse contexts and disciplines. The group is purposefully trans- and post-disciplinary in its intentions and actions. Drawing on discourses from design, feminisms, cybernetics, and elsewhere, RaM works to support practices and members that are concerned with making change.

If you would like more information about Radical Methodologies, please contact Sally Sutherland on S.C.Sutherland@Brighton.ac.uk

Spoken word in the film. The world needs radical change > and every field has a part to play > but how can our disciplines help when they have been part of how we got here in the first place? If we are going to challenge the conventional ways of going about things, we must begin with ourselves > How we go about our work as researchers and practitioners needs to be radically re-examined > counter conventional approaches of all kinds need to be nurtured > different standpoints need to be looked from > methods need to be questioned rather than treated as guarantors > we need to be questioning the value and impact of our actions > > The Radical Methdologies Research and Enterprise Group looks to question the roots of methodological assumptions > and to promote exchange between discourses that tend to get separated out by institutional, disciplinary, and departmental structures. > We facilitate the exchange of methodological questions and insights amongst researchers, practitioners, and postgraduate students. > Project focuses include meta-design > feminisms > embodiments > and designing in and with systemic complexity.

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