The Wicked possibilities webinar short film is now available to view


This short film presents an edited selection of clips, conversations and ideas taken from a University of Brighton webinar that took place on 15th July 2020. This was organised by the Radical Methodologies Research and Enterprise Group, with support from Connected Futures. The webinar was hosted by Ben Sweeting, Tom Ainsworth and Sally Sutherland from the School of Architecture and Design. The guest contributors were Dulmini Perera, Mathilda Tham, Paul Pangaro and Thomas Fischer.

This short film also includes visual material produced as a response to the webinar by Solange Leon, Sarah Macbeth, Ben Peppiatt, and an audio response from Jack Dodd.

The outline of the film is below.

Design is increasingly concerned with systemic complexity.

Ever more comprehensive approaches attempt to negotiate conflicting values, unpredictable interdependencies, and uncertain boundaries.

At the same time, the contemporary entanglement of technologies with bodies, the social, political, and ecological mean that even design’s traditional domains now exhibit and participate in the complexity of social systems.

Designers must therefore engage with wicked situations that push back against attempts to address them.

In this short film, you will see excerpts from presentations and dialogues that respond to ideas of wickedness and complexity in design. What possibilities might we be presented with when working in and with wicked situations?

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