Module Design Resources

Module Learning Experience Map (Excel spreadsheet in zip file):

  • To automatically populate the dates in your Experience map, change the first date by typing in the field editor (setup for a weekly session, you may need to adjust the dates, if your teaching format differs from this).
    Screenshot showing editing a field in Excel
  • Feel free to change the blue shaded sections to reflect university holidays and reading weeks. The yellow section represents an exam week, but again you can customise this according to your needs.

Selected slides from M.Willmer and F.MacNeill’s CLT presentation providing examples of the stages in the Experience Mapping Process:
Experience Map Guidance-217muxz

Module Tweet Worksheet used in the Fdsn Production meeting (SEE Young and Perović, 2018):
Worksheet-Summary Tweet-1g8ud7j

Time well spent worksheet based on How (2018; SEE reference to original blog post below):
Time well spent-1br4tcy

A template for creating a welcome banner for your module in PowerPoint:

PDF version of the 1 Hour to feed your module redux presentation:
1 hour to feed your module REDUX-1o239lo

Accessible module handbook example:
SS556 – Psychology of Security_share-1u1jcxz

Making PowerPoint Better in PowerPoint – SEE presenter notes for suggested improvements per page:

The PDF copy – to show how presenter notes can be included to provide more study/revision guidance as an alternative to busy slides:


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