Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept

Productive landscape when implemented on the existing space (source: Pia Kante, Katja Mali & Vid Bogovič www 2019)

Productive Dynamic Landscapes

Master’s in Landscape Architecture students Pia Kante, Katja Mali and Vid Bogovič from the University of Ljubljana have been developing a design proposal which they call Productive Dynamic Landscapes. Their concept addresses the issue of how to work with urban sprawl in ways that can overcome current reliance on a culture determined by car use and planning that discourages mixed uses. Productive Dynamic Landscapes calls for a repurposing of contemporary mono-agricultural landscapes, designed purely to maximise economic profit, into agricultural landscapes providing grains and other fruit and vegetable needs for their immediate surroundings. While these landscapes protect traditional agricultural practices, they would be used far from traditional. The many aspects of daily work and social life are reconfigured into a mixed-use that incorporates landscape as an integral element of the settlement.

This project, evocatively drawn, has similarities with Bohn & Viljoen’s CPUL concept and with work Katrin is involved in as part of the International Building Exhibition IBA Heidelberg. It also relates to Italian urban design research undertaken since the 1990’s by landscape architect researchers such as Indovina and Ferrario who use the term ‘città diffusa’ to describe urban sprawl in Italy, where agriculture and isolated patches of development are found next to each other.


For further information see the project’s own website.

For information on the Urban Agriculture Park and the Patrick- Henry-Village at Heidelberg International Building Exhibition see here.

* This project relates to the categories CPUL research and projects related to the CPUL concept. It relates to the tags Europe, food systems and landscape.

Image: Productive landscape when implemented on the existing space (source: Pia Kante, Katja Mali & Vid Bogovič www 2019)


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