Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept


Practice-based CPUL work and projects

Katrin Bohn and André Viljoen, with the University of Brighton, their practice Bohn&Viljoen Architects and/or other collaborators, funders and supporters have developed, tested and applied the CPUL concept in a large number of contexts and to very diverse briefs. This work started in 1998 and is still ongoing. Projects include:


Seeing urban food futures: Co-researching virtual reality as a scenario building tool (2022 ongoing): multi-disciplinary co-creation project investigating two distinct tools in the visualisation of food-productive urban landscapes in Brighton, UK. [uob] >>> more details

Mapping food system opportunities (2021 ongoing): consultancy and design research on food-focused urban development, funded by ‘Horizon 2020’, for the city council of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain. [uob] >>> project-related website

(Re-)introducing food into historic urban landscape (2021 ongoing): food-mapping-based consultancy and participatory design research on food-focused urban development for the city council of Carthage, Tunisia. [uob] >>> project-related website

Neue Gartenstadt Öjendorf (2021 ongoing): consultancy for the Green Space Working Group at Hamburg City Council on a food-focused productive landscape concept for a new garden city quarter, Germany. [bv] >>> project-related website

Mapping the Edible City: Making visible communities and food spaces in the city (2019-20): co-curation of a conference panel at the international RAI/RGS Anthropology and Geography’ conference in London, UK. [uob] >>> project-related website

The Garden City of the Future (2019-21): design consultancy for Letchworth Garden City Council on the development of an urban food strategy and productive urban landscape concept. UK. [uob] >>> more details

Plattform Produktives Stadtgrün (2018-20): consultancy on and (participatory) design and implementation of an interactive platform on productive “green” open space types for the Senate of Berlin, Germany. [agse] >>> project’s own website

A CPUL design for Tokyo (2018-9): design proposal for an urban farm in Nerima City, a ward of Tokyo, developed for the Urban Agriculture Division of Nerima City Council and a local farmer, Japan. [uob] >>> more details

Circular City: Implementing nature-based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city (2018 ongoing): UK representative of this European COST Action network investigating key aspects of the urban metabolism, Europe. [uob] >>> project’s own website

EdiCitNet: Edible Cities Network (2018 ongoing): expert consultancy and design research on masterplanning for urban agriculture and food system issues for 12 international cities in European ‘Horizon 2020’ project, Europe. [uob] >>> project’s own website

Eat the view: Eine Essbare Terrasse für das KGM (2017-8) design and built of a community rooftop farm for the international art and architecture exibition ‘Food Revolution 5.0’  at the Museum of Decorative Arts Berlin, Germany. [bv/tub] >>> more details

PHVision: Die Produktive Stadt (2016-7): design and design research on urban metabolisms (food, water, energy) as part of the regeneration of an abandoned US-Army estate in Heidelberg, Germany. [uob] >>> project’s own website

Agricultura urbana y desarrollo urbano sustentable (2015 ongoing): consultancy on the development of a community food garden and its participatory working structures in Montevideo, Uruguay. [bv] >>> project-related website

Landwirtschaftspark Heidelberg (2015-8): consultancy on the project proposal and co-development of an urban agricultural park for the ‘IBA Heidelberg (International Building Exhibition)’, Germany. [bv] >>> project’s own website

LebensMittelPunkt Spandau (2015-9): participatory design project with local residents, food producers and council members about a community food centre in the Berlin Borough of Spandau, Germany. [agse/bv] >>> project’s own website

Urban Transformations (2014-6): Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded international network exploring potential pathways from practice to policy for productive urban landscapes, Europe. [tub/uob] >>> more details

Ein Ernährungsrat für Berlin (2014-6): co-initiation, -conceptualisation and -development of the citizen-led process resulting in the food policy council for Berlin, Germany. [agse] >>> project’s own website

Urbane Landwirtschaft und die IGA 2017 (2013-4): concept development for the spatial implementation of urban food growing as part of this international gardening exhibition in Berlin, Germany. [bv] >>> project’s own website

Spiel/Feld Marzahn (2011-4): teaching-/student-led life project including project design, implementation, project management and dissemination of results, Germany. [tub] >>> project’s own website

Die Produktive Stadt (2011 ongoing): co-curation of the international exhibition on urban space production in conjunction with ‘Carrot City: Designing for Urban Agriculture’ at the Architekturmuseum Berlin, Germany. [tub] >>> project’s own website

Urbane Agrikultur in Köln-Ehrenfeld (2010-3): concept development, consultancy and running of participatory processes as part of an EU-funded sustainable urban regeneration project, Germany. [bv] >>> project’s own website

Unlocking Spaces (2010): research for and design-to-delivery of an open space Opportunity Map for Brighton&Hove as well as the map’s public dissemination via a public outdoor event, UK. [uob] >>> more details

Harvest Brighton&Hove (2009-12): spatial research and visualisations for this ‘National Lottery Food Beacon’ project led by local community groups to encourage and implement urban food growing in Brighton&Hove, UK. [uob] >>> project-related website

Two Hydroponic Balconies (2009): live food growing installation at the ‘(Royal Horticultural Society) RHS Hampton Court Flower Show’ London [with Hadlow Agricultural College], UK. [bv] >>> project-related website

The Urban Agriculture Curtain (2009): live food-growing installation and produce use cycle at ‘The Building Centre’ in London [with Hadlow Agricultural College], UK. [bv] >>> more details

The Edible Campus (2008-18): member of a multi-disciplinary University-of-Brighton team exploring the introduction of productive open space to the university’s open land at its main location, UK. [uob] >>> project’s own website

The Continuous Picnic (2008): design-to-delivery of a public event for about 2,000 visitors celebrating open urban space and local food production in London Bloomsbury as part of ‘London Festival of Architecture 2008’, UK. [bv] >>> more details

The Urban Farming Project Middlesbrough (2006-7): design research and environmental consultancy as part of the UK’s biggest urban-scale participatory food-growing project for Middlesbrough Council, UK. [bv] >>> project-related website

Utilitarian Dreams (2005-9): research, production and co-curatorship of two exhibitions and associated events on urban space production by artists and architects from Havana, London and Brighton, shown in Cuba and the UK. [bv/uob] >>> project-related website

London Thames Gateway (2004): feasibility study for the Greater London Authority exploring the potential of productive urban landscapes within London’s future expansion zone, UK. [bv] >>> more details

Youth Shelter Lancing (2002-4): live project working with 2 consecutive years of undergraduate architecture students and a local community organisation resulting in a play structure built at a primary school in Lancing, UK. [uob]

Paper Cubes (2002): environmental community arts project on paper usage for schools in London Southwark [with Babett Hellmann], UK. [bv]

Holles House and Warwick House (2001-2): one-year-long low-energy monitoring (consultancy) of local authority housing before and after energy-efficient refurbishment for the London Borough of Lambeth, UK. [bv] >>> project-related website

Urban Nature (2001): co-curation of an exhibition and event series on low-energy architecture as part of ‘London Architecture Week’ at CUE Conservation and Urban Ecology, London, UK. [bv/lmu]

Greenwood House (1999): architectural low-energy consultancy for sculptor Robin Greenwood / Blauel Architects on low energy dwelling in London, UK. [bv] >>> awarded ‘Blueprint Residential Building of the Year 2000’ >>> project-related website

CUE Conservation and Urban Ecology (1998-2000): design to site supervision for an eco-demonstration community centre and café in London, UK. [lmu] >>> awarded ‘Best Refurbished Community Building 2000’ >>> project’s own website

Children’s Nature Playground (1998): participatory design to site supervision of a playground situated in London Highgate for ‘CUE’, UK. [lmu] >>> awarded ‘Best Community Garden in Attracting Wildlife & Biodiversity 2014’ >>> project’s own website


[agse] = with the City & Food Working Group Berlin, Germany . [bv] = with Bohn&Viljoen Architects, UK . [lmu] = with the Low Energy Architecture Research Unit (LEARN), School of Architecture, London Metropolitan University, UK . [tub] = with the Department City & Food, Institute for Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, Technical University Berlin, Germany . [uob] = with the School of Architecture & Design, University of Brighton, UK

Image: The ‘Big Bed’ at the Spiel/Feld Marzahn community garden in Berlin. (source: Katrin Bohn 2011)


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