Productive Urban Landscapes

Research and practice around the CPUL design concept


Reviews and awards

The CPUL book (2005)

Upon publication in February 2005, CPULs was nominated as the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) Book of the Week. It was also cited as suggested reading by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, for their investigation into Urban Development (2005). In 2007, it was shortlisted for the RIBA Presidents’ ‘Award for Outstanding University-located Research’ which the CPUL body of work won in 2015.

Reviews of the CPUL book and concept

‘This book is a 21st century breakthrough in defining an urban design/planning conceptual approach to re-incorporating a productive landscape, including agriculture, into the human settlement (CPULs).’
Jac Smit, President of the Urban Agriculture Network

‘This is an important book that both challenges and contributes to current urban thinking. It is both inspiring and practical, reminding us that sophisticated high-density urban life can benefit from looking to examples…’ [read more]
George Ferguson, President of the RIBA, UK

‘Continuity and productivity are intrinsic qualities of landscapes, which urban regions must reinstate for psychological, environmental and economic reasons. As an alternative to sprawl or hyper-density, Viljoen and Bohn’s vision is important…’ [read more]
Kim Sorvig, Contributing Editor, Landscape Architecture Magazine

CPULs is a compelling vision for urban planners and (landscape) architects. The book is loaded with truly useful facts and case studies yet somehow remains a riveting read for lay-folk… I cannot recommend this book highly enough...’ [read more]
Debra Solomon, Curator of The Edible City, the world’s first exhibition on urban food

‘Bohn&Viljoen have put together a book of the most profound importance at this point in history. How will we feed our cities beyond the age of cheap oil? Does the old concept that cities are for people to live and the countryside is for growing food…’ [read more]
Rob Hopkins, Founder of the Transition movement

…the concept of Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes (CPULs) […] represents a powerful urban design instrument for achieving local sustainability while reducing cities’ ecological footprints…’ [read more]
The United Nations University Institute for Advanced Studies, Policy Report

‘…The book Continuous Productive Urban Landscapes (CPUL) was an eye-opener […]. We […] based many of our decisions on the insights, arguments and case studies, André Viljoen and Katrin Bohn had collected...’ [read more]
Lutz Kosack, City Council of Andernach, Germany’s first “Edible City”


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