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The 9th AESOP Sustainable Food Planning Group conference in Madrid formulated key aspects of the food system. (source: AESOP4FOOD www 2022)

AESOP4FOOD online course to start soon

Registration will open soon for this year’s online course on sustainable food planning. The course is part of the Erasmus+ project AESOP4FOOD (Action for Education, Spatial Organization and Planning for Sustainable Food) which aims to address sustainable food planning through a transdisciplinary and participatory approach.

Starting from the evidence of serious gaps in knowledge and transformative competences to address the challenges in a multi-disciplinary way and the recognition of the essential role of graduates of (spatial) planning course in developing integrated territorial plans in a democratic way, and understanding an inter-sectoral, multi-level, and multi-stakeholder approach, the AESOP4FOOD Erasmus+ project aims to answer the need for sustainable food planning by creating a joint interdisciplinary European learning activity.

The open-access course will run from March 24, 2022, almost every Thursday from 17-18.30 CET until the end of June and is structured in five phases: * Explore the field of play, * Analyse your local foodscape, * Collaborative goals and vision, * Strategy and interventions and * Evaluation and monitoring. The course (5 ECTS for participants who will also work on the assignments) is meant for students of planning disciplines, agronomy, environmental sciences and related subjects. Seminars consists of virtual classroom sessions with peers/experts, working on exercises, interactive teamwork during the sessions, and self-study. Learners who work on the assignments will do this in small teams with international fellow students.

AESOP4FOOD grew out of the AESOP Sustainable Food Planning Group (of which Andre and Katrin are management committee members). The project is supported by EU Erasmus + funding, the AESOP Sustainable food Planning Group and the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools. It is being coordinated by Roxana Triboi and Jeroen de Vries from the Le: Notre Institute in Brussels, Belgium.


For more course details see…/1Y2vwjYdWIOIGHER6qZu…/view… or send an e-mail to

You can register before March15, 2022 at

For information on AESOP4FOOD see here.

Image: The 9th AESOP Sustainable Food Planning Group conference in Madrid formulated key aspects of the food system. (source: AESOP4FOOD www 2022)

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Katrin Bohn • 6th January 2022

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