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Research and practice around the CPUL design concept

One of the projects presented was the first of Gotham Green's hydroponic farm in New York, USA. (source: André Viljoen 2011)

Katrin lectured in Germany on Productive Urban Landscapes

This Wednesday, Katrin gave an (online) lecture to Masters’ students of the Urban Management programme at Technische Universität (TU) of Berlin and of the Urban Planning programme at Technische Universität Cottbus. She spoke about urban agriculture linking it to the Productive Urban Landscape discourse on the one (mainly spatial) side and to the Circular City discourse on the other (mainly systemic) side.

The lecture was part of the Case Study series at the TU Berlin’s Urban Management programme, a series that highlights particular approaches and projects within a holistic course on urban management issues that aims ‘to contribute towards the development of socially inclusive, sustainable, safe and resilient cities worldwide’ (TUB UM www 2019).

Katrin’s Case Study lecture consisted of two formats which intercepted each other: one gave information, the other discussed it. The international audience – many of them practising architects and urban planners – was especially interested in strategies that allowed the development of urban food system activities in parallel with those in the peri-urban and rural realm. Conflicts were not so much seen spatially, f.e. on the use of parcels of urban land, and more socio-eocnomically, in that urban agriculture could diminish local rural producers’ attractiveness.

The Masters’ in Urban Management, the only independent Masters’ course at TU Berlin, is run by landscape planner Dr. Bettina Hamann who set it up in 2005 as an international course for practitioners. Katrin collaborates with the Masters’ in Urban Management since many years both, as a lecturer on urban agriculture, food systems planning and food-productive urban landscapes and as supervisor of some of the course’s Master’s thesis projects.


For more information on the Masters’ in Urban Management see here.

For information on the CPUL City concept see here.

Image: One of the projects presented was the first of Gotham Green’s hydroponic farms in New York, USA. (source: André Viljoen 2011)

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Katrin Bohn • 18th December 2020

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