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International delegates and Nerima City officials drafting the declaration. (source: André Viljoen 2019)

Publication of the Urban Agriculture World Summit Declaration 2019

André Viljoen was one of the international guests invited to attend the 2019 World Urban Agriculture Summit hosted by the Mayor of Nerima City in Tokyo. Building on the earlier pre-summit in November 2018 and following an intensive exchange of ideas on best practices and visits to some of Nerima’s extensive urban agriculture sites, the international delegates and city officials concluded the summit by jointly drafting the following declaration:

Urban Agriculture World Summit Declaration December 2019

The Urban Agriculture World Summit was held in Nerima City, Tokyo, and attended by representatives of five other cities that are also proactively promoting urban agriculture initiatives: Jakarta, London, New York, Seoul, and Toronto. Summit participants learned from one another’s urban agriculture efforts, shared information, and engaged in lively discussion.

In order for people in cities around the world to proudly live in harmony with agriculture and lead sustainable and abundant urban lives, the participants agreed upon the following declaration affirming the significance and potential of urban agriculture.

  1. Urban Agriculture Can Nurture Life
    Urban agriculture provides the stuff of life to people in cities by producing agricultural goods. Urban agriculture can be an important strategy to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Moreover, it promotes urban sustainability and nurtures lives.
  1. Urban Agriculture Can Preserve History and Foster Cultural Diversity
    Urban agriculture connects people with one another and with nature. Based on these links, people in cities pass on, create, and develop historical and cultural traditions.
  1. Urban Agriculture Can Create Just and Open Societies
    Urban agriculture has the ability to create platforms for everyone to learn about and engage in agriculture on equal terms, and to share equally in its bounty. This resolves social issues and creates just and open societies.

We will continue to communicate the appeal and potential of urban agriculture to the people of the world. Utilizing networks built up by this summit, we will collaborate in contributing to the development of urban agriculture by opening up possibilities and extending new initiatives.

The Participants,
Urban Agriculture World Summit


For information on the Urban Agriculture World Summit Declaration 2019 see here.

For further information on the Urban Agriculture World Summit see here.

Image: International delegates and Nerima City officials drafting the declaration. (source: André Viljoen 2019)

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Andre Viljoen • 2nd December 2019

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