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Berlin develops a charta for its urban green

Last week, Berlin’s (Germany) Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection [Senatsverwaltung für Umwelt, Verkehr und Klimaschutz] started the second round of a particiaptory online process aimed at the development of a charta for its urban green [Charta für das Berliner Stadtgrün].
The Charta contains concrete aims and guidelines for the development of the German capital as a ‘green metropole’ by retaining and extending, where possible, its parks, urban trees and green open spaces. Three key guidelines are “More Green, More Maintenance, More Quality”, and the Charta is accompanied by an action program to implement the Charta’s aims. Citizens can contribute online to both, the draft charta and the draft action program.

Linked to the Charta is Katrin Bohn’s current work with the AG Stadt & Ernährung [Working Group City & Food] for the Platform Productive Urban Green [Plattform Produktives Stadtgrün – Gestaltung und Planung des öffentlichen Grüns] which aims to contribute to the design and planning of Berlin’s public green spaces. The Platform is developed in parallel to the Charta feeding into it and of it.

The Charta also happens in continuation of a much earlier expert think tank process leading to the formulation of the Strategie Stadtlandschaft [Strategy Urban Landscape] in 2010. As urban agriculture expert, Katrin Bohn contributed to this strategy which now is one of the key reference documents for Berlin’s Senate on questions around the capital’s urban green.


For further information see the project’s own website.

For information on the Strategy Urban Landscape see here.

Image: The online consulation starts into its second round. (image: The Senate of Berlin www 2019)

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Katrin Bohn • 16th May 2019

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