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Four different organic sprouting seeds – mustard, red clover, alfalfa, cress and – are tested for an installation. (source: Katrin Bohn 2008)

INVITE: Vitamins out of the jar in Berlin, Germany

Please do come along to a new event of the hands-on event series Preserving, Exchanging, Tasting organised and run by LebensMittelPunkt Spandau in cooperation with KlimaWerkstatt Spandau and Zentrum für Kulturforschung. This time, the group will look at sprouts and germlings and how they can help people to get through the winter with self-grown produce.

The event happens on Tuesday 12th February, from 5pm to 7pm, at Gartenarbeitsschule Borkzeile, Borkzeile 34, Spandau, Berlin. The event will be held in German.

And here the invitation in German:
Herzlichste Einladung zum LebensMittelPunkt Spandau am Dienstag, 12. Februar, 17-19 Uhr in der Gartenarbeitsschule Borkzeile, Borkzeile 34, Spandau, Berlin. Im Rahmen unserer Veranstaltungsreihe Konservieren, Tauschen, Ausprobieren geht es heute um: Sprossen & Keimlinge.

The event series is part of Zusammen.Wachsen.Lassen, a community project on localising food streams and avoiding food waste funded by Germany’s national climate protection initiative (NKI). It is coordinated by Corinna Vosse and Agnes Duda, both members of the LebensMittelPunkt Spandau project that was set up in 2016 by the AG Stadt & Ernährung in cooperation with KlimaWerkstatt Spandau.

Zusammen.Wachsen.Lassen will terminate at the end of this month. Having ran since June 2017, the project planned, organised and carried out around 50 events. Various aspects of climate protection and the causes of climate change were addressed in a way that was appropriate for the project’s various target groups of school children, local residents, refugees and the elderly. Through harvesting, processing and cooking together and through exchanging harvests, preserves and garden plants, knowledge and skills were shared that now will live on in the community of the Berlin borough of Spandau.

Katrin Bohn is member of the AG Stadt&Ernährung and, with Beatrice Walthall and Helga Patzsch-Ludewig, co-developed the LebensMittelPunkt Spandau project with many local stakeholders, since 2015. LebensMittelPunkt Spandau [a word game on food, centre of one’s life and main place of residence] is an initiative and project aiming for a central place for producers, gardeners, the local food industry and consumers – a collection point for food, a place for processing and distribution of food and a centre for the exchange of seeds, tools or knowledge.


For more information on LebensMittelPunkt Spandau see the project’s own website.

For information about the AG Stadt& Ernährung see here.

For more information on the design of the project see here.

Image: Four different organic sprouting seeds – mustard, red clover, alfalfa, cress and – are tested for an installation. (source: Katrin Bohn 2008)

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Katrin Bohn • 7th February 2019

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