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Collage image with people and pathway through wheat fields with buildings in the background. (Source: Agropolis Munchen 2022)

Agropolis Munich, Germany

Agropolis is an urban agriculture project which proposes to transform Munich’s food systems. The project won a competition launched by Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulation of the City of Munich in 2009. The proposal includes an urban haven of agriculture, recreation and education by utilising temporarily available space in Freiham. Freiham is a new quarter in development in Munich which will take a total of 30 years for completion. Project Agropolis will utilise land that is yet to be developed. The project aims ‘to convey an impression of … transformation by allocating a consistent temporary agrarian use to future building sites’. The construction vehicles and the farming vehicles will create in their coexistence a new urban model of ‘Agropolis’. As Freiham is built, the area will have a culture of food production and the residents will be able to access healthy, fresh produce options. They are hoping this project acts as a catalyst to introduce more ways to incorporate food production into the city of Munich and shapes a new urban landscape.

Collaged image of people on a pathway relaxing with hay bails in between two agricultural fields. (Source Agropolis Munchen 2022)

Agropolis will include recreational spaces for locals to enjoy and relax. (Source: Agropolis Munchen 2022)

Part of the program is a network of trams which would deliver fresh produce from urban agricultural areas into the heart of the city. Agropolis envisions the city of Munich to have many small scale agricultural developments dotted throughout the urban landscape such as green roofs and food productive balconies.

Collaged image of a crowd of people taking fresh produce off of a tram. ( Source: Carrot City 2022.)

A network of trams will deliver fresh produce from the urban agricultural areas to the city centre. (Source: Agropolis Munchen 2022)One of Agropolis’ main objectives is the engagement of community with the production of food. From open air supermarkets – farms where visitors can harvest their own produce – to recreational areas within the farms for families to connect and relax. Project Agropolis will be improving the quality of life of residents, providing sustainable food options to the city and creating relationships between the citizens of Munich to the food they eat through participation and education.

Diagram of fields and houses showing the urban agricultural project. (Source: Carrot City 2022)

Agriculture can be incorporated into the new residential developments that are to be developed in Freiham. (Source: Agropolis Munchen 2022)


For further information see the project’s own website.

Image: Collaged vision of Agropolis. (Source: Agropolis Munchen 2022)


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Jasmine Cook • 2nd December 2017

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