Jasmine Collings Body Part 4 Monoprint

Jasmine Collings

Jasmine Collings is currently based in Brighton at North Star Studios and uses monotype and intaglio printmaking processes within her work. Jasmine looks to the human body to inform her practice. Jasmine graduated from BA Printmaking at Brighton University in 2016.

Instagram: @jasmine.collings


Although I have been very proactive lately, directly after uni was a different story, I found it a real struggle to make any work. During the first year after we finished I barely did any artwork and instead whiled away the hours in a hospitality job. Although to begin with I was glad for the break from my creative pursuits I quickly became bored, lacking inspiration and time to make art.

Constantly looking for jobs in a more creative sector, I started part-time which allowed my creativity to flow. I found a job teaching creative workshops Making It Out a creative alternative to repeat offending. This was an amazing place to work and very inspiring as they, in their words ‘provide ex-offenders with training and support to promote successful resettlement through regular engagement in creative making activities’. Although this was only one day a week, I felt totally inspired spending my time in a creative work environment (I practically skipped there everytime). I have always enjoyed teaching workshops, and being there gave me an insight into the work I would like to do in the future.


Jasmine Collings Body Part 8 Monoprint


Around the same time I spotted an Artist Call Out for an exhibition Brighton. I had been working on a collage series focused around the female form. The exhibition was a part of the Free The Nipple campaign, so my work was suited the role. The gallery Pop Up Brighton accepted my pieces and I exhibited for the first time since uni.

This was a huge ego boost and spurred me on to get a spot at North Star Studios a great print studio just off The Level in Brighton (for anyone sticking around in Brighton I would definitely recommend). In the three years since having left uni I had always had my eye on these studios but the application form had scared me off as it had questions about group shows, solo shows and what personal talents you could bring to the studio. At the time I felt that I had nothing to offer but one of my biggest regrets was lack I didn’t have the courage to apply sooner.


Jasmine Collings Body Part 3 Monoprint


A piece of advice that another alumni Ramona Eve Bigwood gave me is ‘fake it til you make it’ because you don’t get if you don’t ask, and you don’t ask if you have no self-confidence. Realising this was a key factor in my successes post university and therefore moving forward I plan to apply for exhibitions, grants and residencies just like a ‘real’ artist would.

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