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Strategy and Project Planning in Health

This module is designed to enhance and develop knowledge and transferable skills in strategy and project planning relevant for all professionals involved in coordination, commissioning, designing, implementing or advocating for projects or services and/or making proposals for new interventions or ways of working. Useful if you are involved in any group or team effort from a new initiative in a workplace setting to your local parent-teacher association or safer roads campaign. 

NAM87 is classed as a ‘management module’ for students studying ‘& Management’ MSc courses. 

Module Information

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You will cover all the key components of strategy and project planning, including situation analysis and needs assessment, systematic logical planning, designing practical approaches for implementation, and evaluation using key performance indicators…  

Alongside this you will you will also develop and apply skills for advocacy, presentation and formative development of public-facing resources and are provided with opportunities to enhance and reflect on aspects of teamwork and personal organisation skills. 

The module uses problem-based learning and collaborative multidisciplinary group work, supported by lectures, seminars and case studies. You’ll address current public and community health agendas such as sexual health, alcohol, obesity, diabetes type 2,  at both strategic and implementation levels. It is intended to simulate actual situations where professionals are asked to assess the scale and complexity of a health problem, appraise cause, effects, influences, policy space, barriers and constraints with relevant stakeholders, and propose an evidence-based plan of action. 

 We will be using public health examples in the teaching, but these should have salience for everyone working in health, under the mantra that ‘public health is everyone’s business’ and everyone working in health needs to have familiarity with preventive health actions. You can choose to work on local or international health issues. 


Entry requirements

Applicants at level 7 would normally possess a first degree or equivalent with relevant experience or interest


A combination of Group course work and group presentation (30% weighting), Individual project proposal and presentation (50% weighting) and structured written critical reflection (20% weighting) 800 words.  

Module leader

Sarah Kehoe

Module dates

2024-25 –  Semester 2 –  Falmer Campus, Brighton 

  • February  7, 10, 11
  • March 10, 11
  • April 23

Plus scheduled group work day on 27th Feb and 27th March 2025

Additional group liaison which students arrange. 

Assessed presentations:  23rd April 2025.

Written assignment submission: TBC


If you are choosing this module as part of a postgraduate or community course, please contact for specific information on the fee for this module

If you are taking this as a single module, the module fee is:

2024-25 £1,170

Further information

Please contact for further information about the module

This module can be taken as part of a course including:  MSc Health Promotion (& Management), MSc Health (& Management) any other MSc in SSHS which offers optional modules.

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