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Off Loading for the ‘at-risk’ Foot and Lower Limb

This module is designed for people who work in health had utilise methods of off-loading within their scope of practice. The module aims to further develop the clinical skills in off-loading the ‘at-risk’ foot and to appreciate the clinical effectiveness of off-loading using a variety of different strategies.

Module Information

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This multi-disciplinary module is intended to enhance the rehabilitation of persons with chronic disease, or impaired foot function, leading to lesions associated with excessive loading. It covers methods of off-loading, how to measure off-loading, footwear modifications, Pressure ulceration and off-loading from a Physiotherapists perspective. 

Entry Requirements

Applicants at level 7 must possess a bachelor degree or equivalent in Podiatry or other relevant healthcare discipline


Student will be asked to complete a critical review of the effectiveness of off-loading device(s) pertinent to their area of practice, supported by literature  

Module leader

Rachel Forss

Module Dates

2023-24 Semester 1   (dates subject to change)

  • November 27, 28, 29, 30
  • December 1st


If you are choosing this module as part of a postgraduate or community course, please contact for specific information on the fee for this module

If you are taking this as a single module, the module fee is:

2023-24 TBC

Further Information

Please contact for further information about the module

This module is a core module for MSc Advanced Podiatry and could also be used as an optional module for other courses in discussion with the course leader. This module can also be taken as a stand-alone module.

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