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Research Theory and Application for Health Professionals

This module will also equip the students with the skills to design, carry out and analyse the data from their own master’s level research project.

Module Information

Module code

HE707 on campus module delivery at Falmer


The module considers the underlying philosophy, design considerations and data analysis options in both the qualitative and quantitative research paradigms. The skills and knowledge base required for critical evaluation of published literature will be a major focus of the week.

The module content will include: The research process; critical analysis; introduction to qualitative research; introduction to quantitative research; reliability, validity and experimental design; survey and questionnaire design; quantitative data analysis and statistics; ontology and epistemology; qualitative methodologies; qualitative methods; ethics and research; systematic review.

Students will have the opportunity to conduct a small group study and the module will conclude with students discussing their findings and reflecting on their experience of the research process.

Entry requirements

Applicants at level 7 would normally possess a bachelor degree or equivalent in a relevant subject.


The assessment for this module has two components:

  • A 1500 word essay, covering the quality and applicability of qualitative research in the area of the student’s practice. This will assess the student’s understanding of the qualitative paradigm.
  • A 1500 word short answer submission exploring the student’s understanding of a quantitative research paper.

Module leader

Nina Stewart

Warren Stewart

Module dates

2023-24 Semester 2  Falmer Campus  HE707C (Dates subject to change)

  • March 18, 19, 20, 25, 26

Assessment submission date: tbc

2024-25 Semester 1  Falmer Campus  HE707 (Dates subject to change)

  • October 21, 23, 28, 29

Assessment submission date:  (tbc)

2024-25 Semester 1  Falmer Campus  HE707B (Dates subject to change) 

  • December 9, 11, 16, 17

Assessment submission date: tbc

2024-25 Semester 2  Falmer Campus  HE707C (Dates subject to change)

  • March 17, 19, 24, 25

Assessment submission date: tbc


If you are choosing this module as part of a postgraduate or community course, please contact for specific information on the fee for this module

If you are taking this as a single module, the module fee is:

2023-24 £800

2023-24 £830

Further information

Please contact for further information about the module


MSc Health / MSc Health and Education / MSc Health and Management

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice [Masters Degree Apprenticeship]

MSc Health Promotion

MSc Advanced Physiotherapy

MSc Advanced Podiatry

MSc Advanced Occupational Therapy  


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